Taurus: Constellation, traits and mythology

Taurus Constellation, traits and mythology of the zodiac sign


Taurus constellation is one of the most famous in the sky. It’s visible during Autumn and Winter, and it’s rounded by other famous constellations, like Aries, Gemini, Perseus, Orion and Auriga.
Taurus constellation is ancient and of great historical importance.

For the ancients, whose economy was related to agriculture (barely invented), the seasons’ circle was extremely important, especially during the period of the spring equinox (Taurus time), the time when days start being longer, and consequently, the time of sown and harvest comes. The spring equinox was, at the time, the day when the new year began.

Taurus Constellation, traits and mythology of the zodiac Sign
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Taurus Constellation, traits and mythology of the zodiac sign


The mythology of this astrological sign is various since it’s one of the most used symbols during ancient times: it represents, in fact, fertility and wealth. This animal was largely used in ancient Egypt, too: Osiris assumed the mantle of the bull-God and was identified with the constellation itself.

His sister Isis was represented cow-horned positioned around the disk of the Moon. This iconography calls out the typical bull hieroglyph too, where the Sun is topped by an upward crescent moon encrusted between bull horns. Sun and Moon represent the union between male and female sphere, leading back to the concept of fertility associated with the bull.

In Greek mythology, the Bull appears in various shapes: the most famous is the one that tells about the union between Zeus and Europa. Despite being married to the goddess Hera, Zeus was overwhelmed with love for the princess of Tyre. Acting on his desire, Zeus took the shape of a white bull and transported himself to Tyre.

“Europa and the Bull”, Guido Reni,
Dulwich Picture Gallery – London

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Europa was down by the shore gathering flowers when the white bull wandered up to her. Zeus made sure that the bull appeared totally tame, and he laid down at the feet of Europa, and she decided to sit upon it.

That was of course just what Zeus wanted, and with Europa on his back, he entered the water and swam off into the sea, reaching Crete. At this point, Zeus revealed himself to Europa, going back to the human shape. Europa then readily agrees to be his lover beneath a cypress tree, and from the coupling, three sons were born, Minos (related to Taurus), Rhadamanthys, and Sarpedon.

It’s properly Minos that is involved in the second myth associated with Taurus. To prove he was worthy of the Crete throne, He begged Poseidon to send him a bull for sacrifice. But once He saw the beauty of that animal, he refused to proceed, unleashing Poseidon’s anger. To revenge this affront, he ensured that the bull fell in love with Minos’ wife. She was so crazy in love for the animal that she decided to copulate with it: the Minotaur (half-human, half-bull) born from this meeting.

Taurus Constellation, traits and mythology of the zodiac sign


Who’s born under the sign of Taurus has a strong bond with life and has his foot well grounded. Even if they’re driven by sensations, they stay concrete: they’re made of flesh and they know it.
Taurus people are patient and tenacious manufacturers that will never stop fighting to reach their purpose. Being slow, Taurus can’t do more than one thing at a time. While they are patient, they are also lazy, especially when ordered to do something. The Taurus will not move a muscle until they are motivated to get up and work.

Taurus are kind and loving: it’s said that they’re one of the most tender lovers of the whole Zodiac. They prefer the day, the pragmatism and the certainty. Objects and material things have a great meaning for them, at the point of being possessive. They’re usually the slower beings of the entire Earth but in favour of quality and care.

Taurus want instinctively take, store and maintain. They have a calm temper, very hard to set in motion, but once they’re triggered, no one can stop them. They give their trust and friendship sparingly, but they give all of themselves to the people who believe in, they’re very generous under this point of view.

Taurus are normally friendly, they will pay attention to everyone but always superficially. They tend to lose their patient very often, especially when they feel attacked, and their anger is not easy to deal with. The partner may try avoiding disprove because they would hardly forgive and their grudge is strong.
Taurus really appreciate well-built situations: changes aren’t for them because of their rejection to the news.

In relationships, they’re usually calm and loving but on condition that there is physical attraction and the partner doesn’t rewake their jealousy…Many times their possessiveness even costs them genuine relationships. Taurus hate betrayal!
Taurus is very often described as impetuous, masculine and manly, but to tell the truth, this description is not accurate at all. We shouldn’t forget that this sign is supported by a double female polarity – Venus, that gives them sensuality, and the Moon, for passion and pleasure.

The Taurus may have the tendency to develop colds, coughs and sore throats. Their ENT systems, as well as their digestive systems, are quite vulnerable. Since Taurus people love their food, and a lot of movement is really not a desirable activity for them, they may become tardy and overweight.

Taurus constellation traits and mythology of the zodiac sign


Taurus people are really good in business: they have a strong practical sense, and this comes from their grounded element, the Earth. At work, they’re patient and persistent. Taurus are absolutely suited for enterprises, consultancy and all those jobs related to food. Don’t forget that they absolutely LOVE quality food and that their sign is directly connected to the oral and digestive system.

They may develop a strong love for all of nature’s aspects. Venus gives them an issued artistic sense: Taurus paint, carve, sing, dance and has no fear of expressing their multifaced talent.
Those who were born under this sign are often musicians, artists, architects, chefs or gardeners.

They’re good at manual activities and where particular care is requested. They’re attracted by the concept of beauty by nature, and they have a flair for maintenance of richness and money… absolutely yes for bank jobs! Sometimes they may become a bit frugal in the name of savings and building a better future.
Taurus are very hard-workers and they usually adapt quite easy to humble jobs, but at one condition: financial stability must be guaranteed.

Element: Earth
Planet: Venus
Colour: Green
Stone: Emerald, Jade
Material: Copper
Flower: Rose

Taurus constellation traits and mythology of the Zodiac sign

Best Matches

Cancer Icon

Cancer– This is one of the most frequent and long-lasting couples. If they are sure about their love, they easily start a family. This couple is almost the perfect match since both of them love the family and their nest. Moreover, they find a sweet equilibrium between the emotional part of the Cancer and the grounded part of the Taurus partner. What to say? A dream that really comes true!

Emotional plan: 5/5
Communication: 3,5/5
Sexual plan: 5/5
Affinity: 4,5/5

Capricorn – Both Earth signs that are always looking for building something: that’s why this relationship starts with a solid foundation. Taurus usually believe that a great love story doesn’t work if there aren’t pretty good economic basis, too: both must work and have financially secure, otherwise argue are on the agenda. Capricorn usually agrees with these conditions. Taurus will be the most passionate and sensual in the couple. Capricorn, be careful: don’t be too cynical, or Taurus may grow tired of you!

Emotional plan: 4/5
Communication: 3/5
Sexual plan: 4/5
Affinity: 4/5

Taurus traits

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