Sagittarius: constellation, traits and mythology

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We can identify Sagittarius constellation between Scorpio’s (West) and Capricorn’s (East). This constellation is quite famous because of the galactic centre included in it, and it’s easily recognizable thanks to its asterism called “The Teapot”, made by its principal stars.

Sagittarius constellation
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Sagittarius constellation traits and mythology


As you surely know, Sagittarius is represented by a half man and half horse archer. The mythology of this sign is a bit controversial: we know for sure that it has Sumerian origins and it has been resumed later by Greeks, but the versions of this myth are double. Some argue that Sagittarius is related to the myth of the Unicorn, that represents beauty and embodies passion. Some others instead, argue that it is related to Chiron, goodwill and wise creature, respected by mortals and Gods, which entrusted him the education of their children.

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According to this version, Sagittarius constellation has been made by Jupiter after the untimely demise of Chiron by means of a poisoned arrow. But this version is not entirely exact because Chiron has its own constellation, actually. Also, these two centaurs are very different: Chiron was the inventor of medicine, famous for its wisdom and knowledge; Sagittarius is a skilled hunter.
As I said before, Sagittarius was yet known between ancient Sumerian and was associated with the War God Ninurta. The Greeks upset this myth: Eratosthenes described the Sagittarius as a satyr, an ancient hybrid with human chest and cloven hoofs, related to Krotos, Pan and Euphemia’s son.

Krotos was the inventor of the arch and he grew on the mount Helicon with the Muses, benefitting from their company and assisting to the wonderful manifestation of their arts. To express his admiration for his 9 step sisters, Krotus thought up the applause. The Muses were so grateful that begged Zeus to put him into the sky, transforming him into the constellation he suited. And so it was that Zeus decided to give him a horse body since he was a skilled rider, and arch and arrow to celebrate its greatness as an archer.

Sagittarius constellation traits and mythology


Those who were born under the sign of Sagittarius are intellectual by birth: they always look for knowledge and new projects. Pure thinker, they often make a big deal of other’s approval. This trait may change in people who are particularly argumentative or blunt.
Sagittarius people are true leaders, and they’re able to be very generous, too.

As I was saying, they always look for knowledge, answers, food for the mind. They’re also pretty lucky, that’s why they often tend to gamble in any field: we have to say that they also won frequently thanks to their brain. But they can be over-confident: they tend to believe that they can do no wrong, and thus actually end up making many mistakes.

Sagittarius are dynamic and athletic people, and they often appear very fascinating precisely to this elusive way of do, accentuated by its baseline element, Fire. The watchwords for this sign are passion, determination, optimism: a perfect mix that helps them a lot to reach their purposes.
They’re often very spiritual, inclined to philosophy and religions thanks to their need of knowledge.

They’re ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, which influence makes Sagittarius people restless and pressure them to front impossible challenges or start journeys of discovery to find themselves.
Sagittarius love adventure, luxury, good food and everything that brings joy and fulfilment to spirit and body.

In relationships, they’re usually loyal and faithful, but they prefer adventures to long-lasting relationships. (Unless they find their soul mate!). They’re still very independent, seductive and provocative people, and these traits may bring them to “take a trip” outside the couple. Outer looks mean a lot to them. They don’t have enough patience or inclination to look below the surface to see the actual substance.
Being very smart and mental, they tend to speak a lot and quickly, and they don’t always read too much what they say to people, even if they may hurt them.

The great strength of those who were born under the sign of Sagittarius lies in their philosophic, curious and open-minded nature. These people look for knowledge and truth, and they’re also enthusiastic about sharing with others their experiences. Their spirit, optimistic and generous, makes them an enjoyable company for sure.
Sagittarius’ health is usually quite good, their weak point is the liver, often overstressed by their gluttony. Pay attention to problems related to legs that may appear during the old age.

Sagittarius constellation traits and mythology


Sagittarius people are normally very good at figuring out plans and orders to reach purposes, but they can have difficulty tackling minutes details or jobs that require to monitor small details. But working with them is often a pleasure since they spread joy and happiness wherever they are.

They are travellers, they have a craving for meeting people and interact with them, sharing their experiences. Other perfect jobs for them may be the politician career, as well as medicine, therapy and philosophy.
Although they are imaginative and capable of multi-tasking, they have a problem with keeping their ego in control: they can give good and novel ideas, but when things don’t go as they want they can become impatient and lose their temper.

When: 23rd November – 21st December
Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter
Colour: Light Blue
Material: Pond
Stone/Crystal: Turquoise
Flower: Lotus Flower

Sagittarius constellation traits and mythology

Best Match

Libra Icon

Libra – They feel caught up since the very beginning, and they may start a wonderful love story. If things work good, they won’t hesitate to take important decisions such as marriage: just Sagittarius may have some mistrust at first. Both generous signs that may become very supportive of each other. It’s important that the Sagittarius partner avoid betrayals, or he will see the Libra’s wrath!

Emotional plan: 5/5
Communication: 4,5/5
Sexual plan: 5/5
Affinity: 4,5/5

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Aries – Free, independent and passionate couple until they don’t step on the other’s toes. Both of them hate control so they would prefer two independent lives trying to have faith in the partner. Despite this, they’re both very jealous and this may be a reason of argument. But the watchword for this match is just one: passion! Sexuality is lively and they always try new experiences. Boredom is literally a stranger for these two!

Emotional plan: 4/5
Communication: 3/5
Sexual plan: 5/5
Affinity: 3,5/5

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