Leo: constellation, traits and mythology of the Zodiac sign.

Leo Constellation traits and mythology of the zodiac sign


Leo is a vast constellation, and you can observe it to the best during full winter or at the beginning of the spring (Northen hemisphere) between Cancer and Virgo’s constellation.
The Lion’s constellation is easily noticeable to the naked eye because the lion’s mane and shoulders form an asterism known as “The Sickle,” of trapezoidal shape.

Leo constellation traits and mythology of the zodiac sign
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Leo constellation traits and mythology of the zodiac sign


The Lion, the king of the animals, is an animal that typically protects its territory, its family and especially its sons. Leo, as an astrological sign, is related to many mythical figures, symbolizing power, nobless, but also tyranny.

Hercules and the Nemean Lion - Rubens
Rubens, Peter Paul; Hercules and the Nemean Lion; English Heritage, The Wellington Collection, Apsley House; http://www.artuk.org

An interesting and famous myth comes from the ancient Babylonian and tells about the fight between a bull and a lion. This story has presumably astronomic origins: from 4.500 to 2.000 a.C., during the spring equinox, the Sun was in Taurus, while during the Summer solstice was in Leo. At noon, when Leo was high in the sky with the Sun, Taurus was setting: this event was symbolically read as a fight between the two animals, where the lion bites the bull and defeats it.

According to Greeks, instead, the animal represented in the constellation was Nemean Lion, defeated by Hercules in the first of his twelve labours. It was a terrifying lion that used to live in a hole storming humans and the flocks around it. It was almost invulnerable because its skin was immune to arms. After that Hercules tried to hurt it with arrows, swords and then with a club, he defeated it grabbing on its head and mane, bending its power. Once dead, Zeus put the lion in the sky as a constellation.

Leo constellation traits and mythology of the zodiac sign


Leo as a Zodiac sign is the symbol of the power of life and of Sun’s sovereignty. Leos are estimated and admirable: moreover, what it’s not excellent for them, it’s beneath their interest. With them you can forget the half-measures: profoundly generous and benevolent, they’re sensitive, and even kindness is expressed exceedingly.

As much picky with other people as with themselves, they perceive life as a constant competition. Leos are usually not envious nor submissive, they need to be worthy on every occasion since they can’t accept any kind of failure. However, they’re brave and able to sacrifice themselves for who is under their protection or love.
Leos are very law-abiding, love harmony and hate hypocrisy and pettiness. They’re basically passionate and enthusiastic, they will easily cause surprise in people.

Hard worker, Leos are born to be true leaders. Their generosity is unlimited to the ones that won’t object to their convictions: after all, Leo is the king of animals.
Being a typical fire sign, Leos are very passional and every season is the one for hunting: they love having a string of admirers that would do anything to conquer their big (and vain) heart, even better if this person is noble and rich. In turn, Leos will pay the partner back of unconditional love and generous attention: if they fall in love and feel respected, they may become one of the more faithful (and jealous) partners.

Leo…Women and Men:

There are many tiny differences between the woman and the man under this sign. The Leo woman has a deep need for a court of fans, and always fights to be the leader; despite this, she’s a loyal, generous and you can always count on her.
She loves power, action and dramas: Leo woman will hardly leave you unmoved whatever she does…you love or you hate her.

On the other side, the man Leo is very confident (sometimes a bit too much!).
In relationships, he loves generously, but also with a bit of ego: he will make you feel strong and protected, but sometimes you may have the impression that he’s not able to love nor give.

Leo wants at his side a gorgeous, elegant woman that gives him power. He will always choose an unconditional fan, that helps him feel always the number one. He totally hates having on his side a woman more successful than him, and sometimes he betrays his partner.

Leos and Health…

Leos are by and large of a strong built, but this causes back pains or related issues of the spine that could be a bane for them. Their heart and eyes are the other problem areas. The part that needs more attention and care is without any doubts the heart since the risk of developing a heart condition is around the corner, especially if they experience situations of severe stress or serious disputes.

Leos… say “Fuck off” more often and learn to leave words to the wind for a better and healthier life!

Leo constellation traits and mythology of the zodiac sign


They’re generally very talented in many sectors: research, science, economy, law…and thanks to their need of spotlight, they’re quite good in artistic disciplines too. Women, in particular, may have some troubles in finding their true path, but once they get it, they make every possible effort. On the other hand, men are “those made for success”: nothing bothers them more than mediocrity, and they have the inclination of putting themselves on the stage, so affairs, politic, luxury and publicity are categories in whom they’re best.

Leo constellation traits and mythology of the zodiac Sign

Best Match

Aries Icon

Aries – Fire signs love challenges, that’s a fact. This relationship would be a perpetual challenge, and they attract each other properly for this reason! They never get bored together. All their conversation are little competitions, and if the situation gets out of hands, this can become unbearable. Sometimes, they can play the “transgression” card: a relationship that must be dealt with attention, they’re both prideful.

Emotional plan: 5/5
Communication: 4/5
Sexual plan: 5/5
Affinity: 4/5

Sagittarius icon

Sagittarius They complain about each other continuously, but they can’t stay far for too long. At the beginning this couple bodes very well, it may be a very important and joyful relationship. Just be sure to renew your daily routine very often because both signs hate sameness. The Leo partner should avoid reproving too much or always expect the reason!

Emotional plan: 4/5
Communication: 3,5/5
Sexual plan: 3,5/5
Affinity: 4/5

Aquarius Icon

Aquarius – They’re opposite signs, it’s true, but after all, they represent the two sides of the same coin. Aquarius is a thinker, Leo is a performer, but they serve to balance and ground one another. This marriage is made in heaven. Leo should just be patient, Aquarius needs its time to realize things and put them into action, but it worth it. They usually feel like halves of one whole person.

Emotional plan: 4/5
Communication: 3,5/5
Sexual plan: 4/5
Affinity: 4/5

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