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What is a Natal Chart?

This chart, also called Astrology Birth Chart, is basically a map that represents the position of the Planets at the exact moment you were born. These aspects are essential because they can give tons of useful information about your life, your health, your weakness and strength, and even the best timing for the most important step of your life.

It’s important to have the exact hour and minute of your birth, or your calculation will be just an approximation of your birth chart.

I have to say that my Grandma’s calculated mine when I was born, but she gave it to me just at my 18th birthday. (How many years… Goddess..). I was shocked, stunned. I remember a mix of emotions at the same time. It was SO accurate ’til that moment, starting from my personality traits to my studies, my relationships and interests…

That being said, if you’re interested in knowing something more about your personal Birth Chart, fill the form down below. You will be redirected to astro-charts.com, so make sure you have visited everything you wanted on my website before leaving 🙂

Calculate your Natal Chart

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