Aries: Constellation, traits and mythology

Aries constellation traits and mythology


The Aries constellation is located in the northern hemisphere between Pisces’ (West) and Taurus’ (East). It becomes visible in the evening sky at the end of the boreal summer (September) up to the month of March. On the other hand, from the southern hemisphere, its visibility is limited because of the increase of the hours of light in the inclusive months between October and December. Aries is a relatively dim constellation, possessing only four bright stars: Hamal, Sheratan, Mesarthim and 41 Arietis.

Aries constellation
Aries constellation traits and mythology


The Egyptians introduced Aries’ cult first. Everything began with the Aries’ constellation: when it reaches its apex, at the same time the star Sirio roses, bringing with her the Nile’s floods. For instance, the path that runs to the Temple of Amon-Ra (in Karnak), has two wings of granite sphinxes represented ram-headed. Amon-Ra itself was represented ram-headed sometimes.

Amun-Ra Temple in Karnak Aries
Amun-Ra Temple (Karnak) – pic credits www.abc.net.au/

The Greek myth that builds the Aries mythology is the Legend of Jason and the Golden Fleece. It starts when King Athamus of Boetia took a second wife, Ino, that was extremely jealous and resentful of his existing children, especially his son Phrixus, at the point of murder them.

We know that she plotted the failure of the corn crop, intercepted the messenger sent by the King to consult an oracle on the matter, and falsely answered to this request telling that Phrixus had to be sacrificed if the people were to escape starvation.

Despite pleadings from the boy’s mother, Nephele, King Athamus agreed to the sacrifice. At the very last minute, the boy and his sister, Helle, were saved by a magnificent ram with a golden fleece, sent by Zeus in answer to their mother’s prayers. Unfortunately, during the escape, Helle fell into a river, today known as Hellespont. Phrixus was carried safely to the land of Colchis.

Helle and Phrixus on the Ram with the Golden Fleece - Aries

Helle and Phrixus on the Ram with the Golden Fleece
From a Liebig trade card – Pinterest.

He gave thanks for his deliverance by sacrificing the ram to Zeus and giving its golden fleece to King Aeetes. The king had the fleece placed in a sacred corpse, guarded by a fearsome dragon which never slept. I suggest the reading of this myth because it’s really interesting, and in my opinion, we can extract some Aries’ aspects, too.

Aries Constellation traits and mythology


Those who were born under this sign are very impulsive, instinctive and impatient. They’re also very passionate, strong, enthusiastic and hardheaded. They benefit from hard situations just for their instinct to bring out the best in themselves to overcome obstacles: not without reason, Aries loves challenges. The need for excitement push them into new territories and makes them extremely action-oriented. They’re surely brave and adventurous, and it’s exactly for this reason that Aries are often the ones who’d try out newer things in life, even if they get hurt.
But they also have their defects, like everyone! They can become really arrogant when it’s about their ideas: they’re the classic “I’m always right”, “I do what I want”, and this stubbornness makes them very difficult people to deal with!

In relationships, Aries are very jealous, fickle, passionate and hate sameness. In fact, they tend to escape if they get bored: if they don’t live an adventurous and stimulating relationship they probably run like hell. Such is their need for excitement and novelty that the Aries can’t concentrate on projects or relationships for too long, and in turn leave them mid-way, in search of yet another challenge. For the same reason, Aries can’t do a desk job or a dull job: definitely too boring for people full of energy! Aries is one of the best sign to have near as a friend: they’re always faithful, frank, loyal and honest when it’s about friendships.
We can say that they’re attractive people with a little tendency to be a bit aggressive, trait that should be mitigated.

Aries can usually benefit from good health, but despite this, their weaker points are stomach, kidneys and head. So they need to take care of their diet and their physical shape. A little point about the diet: being a Fire sign, Aries should avoid spicy foods – also to help their weak stomachs!

Aries constellation traits and mythology


Two words: competitive and leaders. Being a Fire sign, Aries will always try to reach the best position, they want to be the first in everything. Moreover, they’re the first astrological sign, why should they be inconsistent?! As I said, they love challenges and they will always do their best to complete their skills. The bad side is that if they aren’t stimulated enough, they won’t last for too long. Despite this, they’re normally honest people that believe in fair-play. The most suitable areas or professions for Aries are medicine, mechanics, sports, research, engineering, entrepreneurship and adventure travel.
Their self-confidence may get a tad irritating for their team-mates, yet Aries are unlikely to give up on anything they believe in.

Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Colour: Red
Material: Iron
Flower: Narcissus
Crystals: Amethyst, Apache Tears, Aventurine, Axinite, Bloodstone, Citrine, Crocoite, Fire Agate

Aries constellation traits and mythology

Best Matches

Leo Icon

Leo – Fire signs love challenges, that’s a fact. This relationship would be a perpetual challenge, and they attract each other properly for this reason! They never get bored together. All their conversation are little competitions, and if the situation gets out of hands, this can become unbearable. Sometimes, they can play the “transgression” card: a relationship that must be dealt with attention, they’re both prideful.

Emotional plan: 5/5
Communication: 4/5
Sexual plan: 5/5
Affinity: 4/5

Sagittarius Icon

Sagittarius – Free couple, independent and passionate until they don’t step on the other’s toes. Both of them hate control so they would prefer two independent lives trying to have faith in the partner. Despite this, they’re both very jealous and this can be a reason to argue. But the keyword for this match is just one: passion! Sexuality is lively and they always try new experiences. Boredom is literally a stranger for these two!

Emotional plan: 4/5
Communication: 3/5
Sexual plan: 5/5
Affinity: 3,5/5

Aries constellation traits and mythology

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